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Patron of All Teachers and Student Teachers

La Sallian Education: Committed, to Bring Hope, Peace and Unity to Filipino Families.

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As a La Salle student you are now an important part of the Lasallian academic community, which strives hard to bring the best out of you. In the process you will experience a Lasallian education that aims to graduate students who are academically competent, socially concerned and compassionate Muslim and Christian men and women.


            We believe that a good Christian education will provide the foundation for a bright future not only for you but also, and more importantly, for our society. However, La Salle Academy cannot be alone in providing for your education. Other agencies must share the burden of your holistic formation – the family, neighborhood, parish, mass media, civil authorities and your friends have each a role to play in your development.


            Education is a cooperative endeavor of the home and the school, which requires among other things, unity of purpose and determination in the pursuit of this end. School policies and regulations are measures to ensure the progress, development and success of the students.


            Be proud of your school and make us proud of you. May your Lasallian education contribute to a happy life for you and your loved ones.

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"To touch the hearts of the young and to inspire them with the Christian spirit is the greatest miracle you can perform, and it is the one that God asks of you; it is the purpose of your work with the young."

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