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Text Codes

TEXT                                                               CODE
URL Text--------------[url=]Homepage[/url]</TD> 
Email Text------------[]Email[/email]
Bold Text--------------[b]Text[/b]
Italicize Text----------[i]Text[/i]
Underline Text-------[u]Text[/u] 
Page Break ---------[nl]
Move Text------------[move]Text[/move] 
Move Text Left------[move left]Text[/move] 
Move Text Right----[move right]Text[/move] 
Move Text Slide----------[move slide]Text[/move] 
Move Text Alternate-----------[move alternate]Text[/move] 
Mark Text-------------------------[mark]Text[/mark]
Glow Text-------------------------[glow]Text[/glow]
Fly Text Left----------------------[fly left]Text[/fly] 
Fly Text Right--------------------[fly right]Text[/fly] 
Fly Text Up-----------------------[fly up]Text[/fly] 
Fly Text Down-------------------[fly down]Text[/fly] 
Blink Text-------------------------[blink]Text[/blink]

At the meantime, after the last time it was updated, this site is under construction. Thank you!

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