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Here is where we will highlight key classes and strengths in our academic program.

Subject                                                   Course Offering                                              Units


     First Year:

Filipino                                                    Wika at Panitikan (Ibong Adarna)                          1

Araling Panlipunan                                  Phil. History & Government                                   1

Eduk. Pangkatawan, Kalusugan                 Gymnastics & Minor Sports                                    1

Eduk. Sa Pagpapahalaga                           Salvation History I                                                  1

English                                                     Communication Arts through                                  1

                               Philippine Literature               

Science and Technology                           General Science                                                       2

Mathematics                                            General Math                                                          1

T.H.E.                                                     Homemaking & Industrial Arts                                2

                                           Introduction to Computers and Windows

Elective                                                   Developmental Reading I                                         1


Second Year:

Filipino                                                    Wika at Panitikan II                                                1

          (Florante at Laura)

Araling Panlipunan                                  Asian History                                                           1

Eduk. Pankatawan, Kalusugan                  Physical Fitness and                                                 1

                Contemporary Dances

Eduk. Sa Pagpapahalaga                           Salvation History II                                                 1

English                                                     Communication Arts through                                  1

               Afro-Asian Literature

Science and Technology                           Biology                                                                   2

Mathematics                                            Elementary Algebra                                                 1

T.H.E.                                                     Keyboarding and MS Word                                       2

Elective                                                   Developmental Reading II                                        1


Third Year:

Filipino                                                    Wika at Panitikan III                                               1

             (Noli Me Tangere)

Araling Panlipunan                                  World History                                                          1

Eduk. Pangkatawa, Kalusugan                   Major Sports                                                            1

Eduk Sa Pagpapahalaga                            Morality & Vocation                                                1

English                                                     Communication Arts through                                   1

          English Literature

Science and Technology                           Chemistry                                                                2

Mathematics                                            Geometry                                                                 1

T.H.E.                                                     Excel and Powerpoint                                               2

Elective                                                   Intermediate Algebra                                                 1


Fourth Year:

Filipino                                                Wika at Panitikan IV                                                    1

      (El Filibusterismo)

Araling Panlipunan                                  Economics                                                                1

Eduk. Pangkatawan, Kalusugan C.A.T.                                                                                     1

Eduk. Sa Pagpapahalaga                           The Church & the                                                    1

                             Social Teachings of the Church

English                                                     Communication Arts through                                   1

        World Literature

Science and Technology                           Physics                                                                    2

Mathematics                                            Advanced Math                                                        1

T.H.E.                                                     Programming C++ and                                              2

     Intro to HTML

Elective                                                   Trigonometry                                                          1


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