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Our admissions process has led to our reputation as a leading academic institution.

A. Admission Policies
1. Admission to La Salle Academy depends on the available number of slots and on the applicant's rating in the entrance exams.
2. No transferee into the third year and fourth year in the high school will be admitted.
3. No irregular student will be admitted. Irregular students are high school students who have at least 1 unit failure during the enrollment time.
4. Applicants into the undergraduate level who satisfy the admission requirements and meet the following conditions will have the chance to be admitted:
a. Satisfactory rating in the admission Test.
b. No grade below 80 percent in any subject and with a satisfactory grade in deportment.
c. A student either of whose parents is an alumnus of La Salle Academy.
d. A student who has brothers/ sisters studying at La Salle Academy.
e. Transfer of residence.
5. A student who transfers to another school for academic or disciplinary reasons has no guarantee of readmission.
6. Admission of new students and transferees will be decided by the Principal upon recommendation of the Admission Board.
7. Students who are advised to take the Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) are not assured of being admitted in first year high school.
8. Students who have taken SEP will be placed under Academic Probation for one quarter.


B. Admission Requirements
1. For First Year Students
a. Present Report Card and secure a clearance from the La Salle Academy Registrar.
b. Pay the Testing fee at the Business Office. Testing fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
c. Present testing fee receipt and secure application format the Guidance Service Center.
d. Submit the accomplished application form together with the necessary requirements at the Guidance Services Center before the scheduled test dates.
e. Obtain exam permit and present it on the scheduled date of examination. Applicants are requested to report on time.
f. Claim the admission result from the Guidance Services Center on the date set by the Center.
g. Enroll on the specified dates. Failure to do so may forfeit your slot. Admission of transferee to La Salle Academy will highly depend on the availability of slots and the examinees rank in the admission test.
2. For Transferee
a. Report card of the previous year signed by either the Principal or Registrar of the school last attended.
b. Accomplished application form
c. One copy of latest 1x1 ID picture
d. Recommendation from the Principal or Guidance Counselor of the school last attended
e. Satisfactory rating in the Admission test
f. Interview of parents and the Applicant by the Guidance Counselor
g. For first year applicants: certified copy of recent marks for three quarters
h. Clearance from the La Salle Academy Registrar
3. Registration
To ensure admission for the next school year, an old student must enroll during the prescribed registration days as announced in the prospectus posted at the school's bulletin boards. Failure to do so forfeits his of her place, which may be allotted to those students seeking to transfer. If there is still room for admission after the designated enrolment days, both old students and transferees will be admitted on a "First-Come, First-Serve" basis as late registrant.

Late registration is enrolling after the designated period and it incurs penalty or fined determined by the Business Office.

During the enrolment, old students should bring their report card of the last school year. Likewise the transferee should secure admission slip from the Guidance Services Center before securing enrolment form.
4. Summer Enrichment Program
Given to incoming freshmen students who met the cut-off score but are deficient in other areas of the admission test (administered but the Guidance Office), especially in the areas of Math, Science, and English.

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