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The School Emblem


The Circle represents the Earth community, which Lasallians call home. Lasallians must be Stewards of this Earth, caring for it and making sure everyone gets his/her fair share of the Earth's bounty.

The following Lines represent the ripples of the Agus River, the river that provides power to generate electricity to support the industries in the city and the whole island of Mindanao.

Life for the Lasallian is a journey similar to the route of the Agus River- the Lasallian's life starts from the Source of Life and returns to this Source. This being so, the Lasallian must always strive to help improve the lives of others.

On the following lines are written "Faith" and "Zeal" (the spirit that characterizes the Lasallian way of life).

The Star represents Faith and Confidence. This Star is a reminder that Lasallians have a goal in life: to keep their hearts burning with faith and an eagerness to share their God- given gifts with others.

1958- year the La Salle Brothers took over school operations from the Society of Saint Columban.

Green- represents life and the Earth

White- represents light and justice.

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