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Ma'am Leila

Ma'am Leila


Geraldine Antonette P. Hermoso
she's undeniably smart and approachable... She persuades
students to be active and to work hard. I never got tired on her class. She herself is the class' motivation! according to her classmate in highschool,(tita Mariter Alejo) she's the quiet type of person and we both agree that she's really a great person! gwapa na professional pa jud na joker! Her profession includes life! Hectic kaayo ang life ni teacher Laila but...Hey! fresh kaayo siya tanawon! always smiling! more power ma'am and god bless you and your loved ones!
animo la salle!

the best among a thousand! u can learn a lot. she is very knowledgeable on her subject and teaches wholeheartedly!
definitely made our last year in la salle a memorable and enjoyable one.
>we just love her jokes, and fun personality.
>beyond doubt approachable.
>positively easy to relate with.
>well-versed on her lessons.
>her jokes-jokes-jokes!
La Salle won't be complete w/o Ms. Leila Simbajon!
!the best teacher education has to offer!

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