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Bro. Richie

Bro. Richie


Renneir Frans
si brother ang the best because he give everything just for us.proud kau mi ni brother richie because he even asked the teachers para papasarun mi. wala mo ana!!! we are the best we are one. we (matiyaga) are son of an understanding teacher, we are proud to be a lasallian because of bro. richie

Bea Christine Dale O.Baño
Bro. Richie??? He's d best teacher in the world!!!! He's cool, sabay,n the best adviser... grabe kaayo ni mukatawa si Bro. Richie ma wa iyang mata.... cia ra gyud ang adviser na grabe ka concern sa iyang advisory.... Bro. Richie ur d best>>>>>

Earl Christian
hahaha! parang obvious na yata! cge for the benefit of the readers...... c bro. kwela yan! as in super kakwela lahat na yata ng kalokohan sa classroom alam rin ya...i'm so greatful to have him as my adviser, despite sa mga obstacles na napagdaanan ko sa kanya because of the IDIOT students na nagsira sa akin sa kanya, well any way lets not go into that topic, brother Richie, what more could i ask for when all the time our homeroom wants him, he's always there for us, to support us, to defend us and to CARe for us............ unfortunately malapit na ang kataposan (i mean graduation) at matagal tagal ding panahon na hindi namin siya makikita, sayang i we could only extend it, pero, huwag nalang, alam nyo naman siguro ang buhay 4th year, dba guys! BRO! the best adviser that i've met, oist, no offend lang sa mga advisers ko noong fisrt year to 3rd year ha, i'm just telling the truth basta c BROTHER RICHIE is the BEST kahit sino pa tanongin nyo! bahal kayo kung sino gusto nyo pero ang MATIYAGA F U L L support kay BROTHER RICHIE
: )
: )
: )

Jomar Orbe
Wala nay LAIN.... si br. Richie!!!

the best....i rly fel blessed to be on his advisory,class
matiyaga 200, cus wen i enterd the hoeroom on the vry frst day of the skul yr.i rly feel that his rly concernd and willing to help us on watever circumstances. thus, made me more confident that watever happens he will rly be on our back....tanx br. u rly fulflld ur promise that our last stya in LA SALEE ACADEMY wud rly be the, his the best
teacher !!!!!!!

Jane Pacaña

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