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Acain places Mindanao on BIMP-EAGA's 3rd Place
-Jessica Labaja

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia - Nianh Lyn Marie Acain, a senior student of IV-Matiyaga, joined her 4th international competition and helped place Mindanao on the overall 3rd place at the Brunei Darusalem, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines - East Asian Growth Area, a competition of eight teams comprising of two team entries from each of the four countries with an intention of firming up the friendship ties and the trade relations of these Asian countries.

After the Philippines had placed her best bet on the Palawan and Mindanao athletes, this naiad set out to compete in the swimming events with all expenses taken care of by the city government and the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC). She departed from Iligan with her fellow swimmers and their coach, Ms. Hilda Raptiza, after weeks of hard, hard training.

Although her opponents' age ranged from 20 and below, it didn't stop her from claiming 3 bronze medals in the 400 individual medleys, 4x 100 medley relay, and 4x 100 freestyle relay, respectively, to put Mindanao on the top 2 list.

"I was proud and nervous and excited all at the same time!" Nianh exclaimed when asked about being the only Lasallian and high school player in the swim team. "And I thank God for that chance to compete internationally once more", she added with a smile. Before the end of the interview, she left a message to all the athletes: "Perfect practice makes perfect results." Not surprising for a girl who chooses to swim than sink.

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